Smart shades are quickly becoming an essential part of modern interior design. As homes become more technologically advanced, integrating these high-tech window treatments both enhances the look of your home and provides convenience and efficiency. Smart shades can aesthetically elevate any space they’re incorporated into. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of smart shades in your interior design projects:


Harmonize with your color scheme:

With a wide range of fabric colors and textures available, smart shades can seamlessly blend into or accentuate any design palette. Consider:

  • Neutral tones for a subtle, timeless appearance.
  • Vibrant hues to add pops of color or to tie into accent colors around your room.
  • Textured fabrics for added depth and visual interest. This can create a focal point or help the shades blend more organically into the space.


Set the ideal mood:

One of the distinct advantages of smart shades is their ability to be programmed according to your schedule and/or the time of day. The amount of light flow in a room can drastically affect the mood you intend to convey. Consider:

  • Setting the shading system to remain open or become more sheer for a brighter room and a more joyful space.
  • Setting the shading system to close or become more opaque for a moodier and more sophisticated aesthetic.


Consider window size and position:

With smart shades being available in various sizes, it’s easier than ever to fit them to windows and doors of all types. However, consider:

  • Positioning: North-facing windows might not receive as much direct sunlight, allowing for sheerer fabrics. In contrast, a south or west-facing window might benefit from thicker or darker shades to mitigate heat. Window treatments that let you control the intensity of natural light flow are ideal for either position.
  • Sizing: Ensure accurate measurements. Smart shades for larger windows or sliding doors can be a striking feature in a room, but it’s essential they fit perfectly. Likewise, smaller windows can benefit from the precision and clean lines of perfectly-sized shades.

Incorporating smart shades into your interior design is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about leveraging technology to create a space that’s comfortable, efficient, and truly reflective of modern living. As with any design element, take the time to understand your space, your needs, and the vast possibilities that these shades can offer.

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